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News: Welcome to SC, South Carolina NSA!
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 on: December 05, 2018, 07:33:22 PM 
Started by Merchants21/LazyOne - Last post by Merchants21/LazyOne
Thanks to everyone For Playing

Hate that we had to change things up, but we think this will be the best option

As posted, 55 drop dead pool play and 50 plus 1 inning in single elimination

Upper will be unlimited and lower will be 2 and eoi

pool play is unlimited for all, screens will be used for all games

325.00 and your roster before you play!!

All proceeds go to St Judes plus 4.00 for every HR hit on top of the tournament fees

1 ump per field

All games will be at Pine Grove

Remember this is a benefit tournament no need to Argue, fuss or Fight, you will be suspended if that happens

See everyone Friday Night


8 :00 pm
Rec League Fusion
Bearded Bombers
Hitsquad Reloaded
We Hit Dingers

9 pm
Sugar Daddy's
Lewis Lawn
Left Overs
MilVet Transportation
Foldin Money
Blast Away

10 pm
Roadhaug Movers

Teams be prepared for very few breaks, especially the later times

 on: December 03, 2018, 06:49:43 PM 
Started by Merchants21/LazyOne - Last post by Merchants21/LazyOne
St Jude Friday Night 1 pitch

Gonna do a 1 pitch this weekend, with rain In the forecast at least teams will get a chance to play!!

1 pitch 45 minute time limit, All you can hit, 10 run max per inning

SC NSA will pay 2.00 for every HR hit, just like Saturday, thats on top of what the tournament makes!

Can take 8 teams!!

3 GG 2 pools into a single Elimination

250.00 Cash

1st L/S Shirts and Beanies
2nd L/S Shirts

Sugar Daddy's

 on: December 01, 2018, 02:54:51 PM 
Started by flop - Last post by flop
This was a huge success last year! Lets see the creativity again

2nd Annual Ugly Christmas Sweater Classic
Sat Dec 15th Laurens County Park

$25 Per Player
Taking the 1st 84 players
1-1 count
NSA Rules Apply

1st Place NSA Hoodies with Name and #on the back and Lottery Tickets
2nd NSA Shirts and Lottery Tickets

I will also award prize for best Sweater!
To enter comment name and position or contact Flop at 864-940-0221
Player List

Chase  Taylor Anywhere
Jacob Brown OF
Jake Arthur
Todd Mcgee
Chase Galant INF
Darren Brooks
Cody Frye Anywhere
Jason Cothran
Robert Johnson Anywhere
Brandon Stapleton
Hector Valentin Anywhere but P
Matthew Farris Anywhere
Blake Wooton 2b Middle
Ryan Smith 1b 2b C EH
Robert Weathers
Payton Thompson 1b C
Tyler Thackston INF
BJ Durham Anywhere
Matthew Conyers OF
Shane Rhodes MIddle
Mac Chynoweth 1b 2b 3b
Blake Parris SS
Bryan Varner 1b 3b C
Doug Walker OF P
Jordan Frost OF
Matthew Carter OF P EH
Joey Phillips P
Josh Robinson 3b
Chris Weston 1b OF C
Joe Covington
Justin Huseby INF
Thomas Carr 1b C EH
Cedrick Thompson EH C
Chad Brown 1b C EH
Cody Mcabee
Caleb Everette INF
Bo Smith Anywhere
Tyler Delk INF
Kenny Andrews OF
Ben Ort C EH 1B
Pat Ruff 2b
Chess Smith Anywhere
Zack Smith Anywhere
Eric Roof C EH 2b
Matt Drake
Chris Gregory OF
Zach Stanley
Willie Byrd
Doug Bonness
Tony Martinez Anywhere
Darrell Lawson C EH

 on: December 01, 2018, 06:10:52 AM 
Started by Merchants21/LazyOne - Last post by Dirtneck
List updated, come hit some Hr's for a great cause..

 on: November 30, 2018, 11:29:08 AM 
Started by flop - Last post by flop
we are full

 on: November 30, 2018, 10:30:27 AM 
Started by flop - Last post by jbrabham
OM Jeff would like to participate in tonight's festivities. Is there room?

 on: November 26, 2018, 02:49:02 PM 
Started by flop - Last post by flop
$25 per Player
10 dingers a game rest are outs
NSA Rules

Prizes TBD based on amount of players! I will do Hoodies to 1st if we get enough!

Each team will receive 1\2 dozen balls at check-in

Comment name and position when entering please!

Contact Flop at 864-940-0221

Player List

Zachary Hood Anywhere
Zach Stanley
Nic Stanley Anywhere
Zack Pettit Anywhere
Ryan Smith 1b 2b C EH
Hunter Webb 1b 2b 5man
Dakota Webb Middle
JD Holbrooks Anywhere
Zack Smith Anywhere
Chase Taylor Anywhere
Matt Drake Anywhere
Bryan Varner 1b 3b C
Matthew Farris P 2b C
Douglas Stettler 3b 1B
Tony Martinez Anywhere
Yo Eric Young OF
Brandon Pearson P\INF
Zac Johnson 1b 2b
Scott Jackson OF 1b 2b
Doug Walker P
Thomas Carr C EH
Chris Weston 5man 1b OF C
TJ Williams Anywhere
Tony Cromer 1b 2b C
Cheyne Horne P INF OF
Caleb Everette Anywhere
Matthew Carter P C 1b
Cody Mcabee OF
Kaiden Mcabee OF
David Smith Anywhere
Junior Wilburn C EH
Zach Hughes INF
Joey Phillips P
Josh Robinson 3B
Jerry Filbin
Maddux Riegel C
Darrell Lawson P C
Noah Millspaugh OF
Chase Galant INF
Padgett Summer OF
David Bare INF
Nicholas Lowe 2b 5man C
Trey Cassels 5man 1b
Dan Lee OF 1b C
Darren Tgod Brooks 2b 5man C
Kyle White INF
John Dylan OF EH C
Nate Henderson C EH
Christopher Lowrance
Tyler Delk INF
Ben Ort 1b C EH
Justin Huseby 3b
Jacob Brown C EH
Jayme Thomas P C EH
Tyler Davis 1b 3b
Doug Bonness LF 2b 5man C
Chad Brown C EH 1b
Robby Howard OF
Kevin Wilburn C EH

 on: November 25, 2018, 04:18:04 PM 
Started by GFLOORING - Last post by GFLOORING
Looking to start a team back up.Been out for a few years and ready to get back in.Looking at playing twice a month.Starting off in Bronze and possiblity of moving up to silver later on in the year.Tournaments and jerseys will be payed for.Have a few players from my old team but looking for all positions.If interested text or call 864-207-3776 Nathan

 on: November 21, 2018, 03:21:34 PM 
Started by Merchants21/LazyOne - Last post by Merchants21/LazyOne
Thanks to the teams for playing NSA

The most important thing on this weekend besides having fun is...if your team is in the lower bracket you must be under 30[w/12] if your team is in the 2 hr you must be under 53[w/12] Major players[or Past] count as 12! Conference players count as 10! please make sure before you show up!

this is not a Rec,Bronze,Silver..its simply 30 and lower and 30-53 any one can play IF they fit the points and U count 12 players

entry fee is 350.00 ,That and roster due b4 you play, no roster will mean forfeit!

3 GG both classes

No Alchohol or smoking allowed anywhere in the park!

5.00 gate fee per Non Player[score keepers will be charged] please respect the MB policy amd the staff on this!

hope everyone has a safe trip, a happy Thanksgiving

1 ump per field throughout!

In order to get your Paid Berth you must have turned in a roster and 75 % must play in winter world with you!

all games at Market Commons

lots of winner B2B to get this Done

We are working to have a TV set up for the SC/Clemson Game!

in order to get this in b4 the 10 pm curfew all games will be 1 hour plus 1 inning Max...this should NOT affect any Game unless teams choose to play slow

9 AM
Semper Fi
Tri State Builders/Rated R
Stick talk
Carolina Badboys
Horse Power
All Gas No Brakes

10 AM
Beaver Bar/Sho Stoppers
Royal Flush
MB Mayhem
Off In the Woods

JD2 Thundercats
Thunder Buddies

 on: November 17, 2018, 06:52:35 PM 
Started by Merchants21/LazyOne - Last post by Merchants21/LazyOne
Thanks Buddy!

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