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NSA Colossal Cash Bash

May 20th Spartanburg SC
N Spg Complex

3 Game Guarantee

D-E and Rec

375.00 Entry Fee

Online Roster- plus 2 Guest Players

Win Cash For The Big Tournaments Coming Up

Awards with 6 teams in D&E
1st 600.00 Cash
2nd 300.00 Cash
3rd 100.00 Cash

Awards For 7 Teams D/E
1st 700.00
2nd 300.00
3rd 100.00

Awards For 8 Teams D/E
1st 800.00
2nd 300.00
3rd 100.00

Awards For Rec 6 Teams
1st Shorts-Hats and Paid Non National
2nd Shirts and 1/2 Paid Non National
3rd Shirts


Good Wood/Oak Ridge Logistics
Smokin Bunts
Layin Wood

Nuthin Fancy
Smash Daddy
Jump Street
C Hurricanes
Bad News Beers
NSA Battle For The Cash

Shelby NC May 13th

1 Day

All Women-E and Rec Men

375.00 Entry Fee

Championship Cash Based On Number of teams In Your Class

4 Teams 400.00
5 Teams 500.00
6 Teams 600.00
7 Teams 700.00
8 Teams 1000.00

1st (Cash Listed Above)up to 1000.00 Based On 8 Teams
2nd NSA Shirts and Paid Non National (With 5 or More)
3rd NSA Shirts

Smokin Bunts
Layin Wood
Farm Boys

NSA White Rose Classic

Mens-D,E and Rec

375.00 Entry Fee

6 Game Guarantee (4 Pool Play Games and Double Elimination Bracket Play

Awards D-E Men
1st Championship Shirts-Shorts and Hats
2nd Finalist Shirts- Shorts
3rd NSA Shirts

Awards Rec
1st Championship Shirts-Shorts
2nd Finalist Shirts and 100.00 Off Non National
3rd NSA Shirts

Evil Empire
Stupid Bat
C Hurricanes
Ole South
Old School

Upcoming Tournaments / NSA Turkey Trot
November 13, 2022, 07:24:21 PM
NSA Turkey Trot

Conway SC

Billy Gardner Sports Complex

Nov 26th

325' Fences!

All teams welcome-A max of 10 teams is all we can take


4 Game Guarantee (Time limit for Pool Play)

Awards with 8 teams total
Division 1
1st Championship Hoodies- Paid Winter WorldS in Myrtle Beach
2nd Finalist Shirts and 1/2 Paid

Division 2
1st Championship Shirts and 1/2 Paid
Winter World
2nd Finalist Shirts and NIW Bat

Jeeper Creeper
Boo Crew
Gas Pack
NSA Pure Sports St Judes Blast Away

Lexington SC Dec 10th  :-\ @ Pine Grove

All Men Classes offered

All proceeds will go the St Judes Children's Hospital including and additional 2.00 per HR hit donated By SC NSA

Great Cause and a lot of fun

375.00 entry fee

With 8-11 teams 2 Pools into a Double seeded upper/lower- Unlimited in pool play-then Seeded upper(Unlimited) Middle (5 HRs) ****With 12 teams Lower 2 HRs and Out

55 minute drop dead pool play

1 hour 10 minute finish the inning in bracket play

Awards Upper
1st Championship L/S Shirts-NSA Hats and 2 Pure Sports Bats
2nd Finalist Shirts

1st Championship L/S Shirts and 1 Pure Sport Bat
2nd Finalist Shirts

1st Champion L/S Champion Shirts
2nd Finalist Shirts

Buckle Up
Evil Empire
C Hurricanes
Logan's Liars

Upcoming Tournaments / NSA 2023 Schedule
November 09, 2022, 02:02:43 PM
NSA 2023 Schedule

This will be updated as we get them

Jan 7th Shelby
Jan 14th
Jan 21st NSA Winter State Lexington SC
Jan 28th
Feb 3-4 WWs Week 1
Feb 10-12 WWs Week 2
Feb 18th
Feb 25th Shelby
March 4th N Spg
March 11th
March 18th Spg
March 25th NSA Spring World Lexington SC
April 1st York SC
April 8th Easter Weekend
April 15th NSA Spring State Lexington SC
April 22nd Cherokee
April 29th
May 6th York SC*
May 13th Shelby
May 20th N Spg
May 26-28 Memorial Day Rock Hill
June 3rd Shelby
June 10th Spg
June 17th
June 24th York SC
June 30-2nd NSA Firecracker Rock Hill SC
July 8th York SC
July 15th NSA Super State Lexington
July 22nd
July 29th
Aug 5th York SC
Aug 12th  N Spg ***
Aug 18-20 NSA Eastern Worlds RH ***
Aug 26th Cherokee -York SC
Sept 2nd Labor Day Battle at The Border Mooresville NC
Sept 9th NSA Senior Worlds Lexington
Sept 16th NSA Super World ***
Sept 23rd N Spg
Sept 30th York SC
Oct 7th Spg
Oct 14th Cherokee -York SC
Oct 21st Lexington Fall World
Oct 28th Halloween Havoc Mazzapa Park Mooresville / Lexington
Nov 4th NSA Convention
Nov 11th N Spg
Nov 18th N Spg
Nov 25th
Dec 2nd Shelby
Dec 9th NSA St Judes Lexington
Dec 16th Shelby
NSA 250 Fall Worlds

North Spartanburg

Nov 19th

350.00 entry Fee

Mr 300- each game a team has the option to designate a Mr 300 at the coin toss. All of his over 300' HRs will count, but any that don't clear 300' are outs.

4 GG -2 pools into 2 seeded  double elimination Brackets

Pool play is 45 minute drop dead with 5 run max per inning-  Bracket Play will be 55 plus 1 inning with 10 run max

All Balls hit over the 250 and inside the Fence will be a HR- any Ball hit over Main fence will be an out

After Pool Play split into 2 Brackets: must have 4 in class
Bronze or less
All others

Bracket play will be determined by pool play-  Tournament director will have the right to place a team in Top Bracket if you have higher ranked players

Awards for Too Bracket
1st Champion Hoodies-2 Bats and a championship Rings
2nd Finalist Shirts and 1 Bat

Awards For Bronze or less Bracket
1st Championship Shirts 2 Bats and Championship Rings
2nd Finalist Shirts

Stick Talk
Good Wood
Layin Wood
Caught Looking
Palmetto Pro's
C Hurricanes
Smokin Bunts
Pattin P

Upcoming Tournaments / NSA Pink Out Gametimes and Info
October 19, 2022, 12:26:26 AM
NSA Pink Out Fall Worlds Gametime and info

Thanks to all the teams that's playing NSA

 Fall World is One day (unless we get behind) please make sure your ready to play 30 minutes ahead of time- YOU WILL FORFEIT if not ready to play 30 minutes ahead

400.00 entry fee and signed roster due before you play- teams will get a Ticket for the ump

All national rules apply

Teams must fit the rules for the class you entered- rosters are coaches responsibility- NOT OURS

NO GAME CAN START(including the if game after 10:30)

Arguing-Fighting will get you removed from the game(and/or tournament if we decide it's best

No Dogs allowed inside the complex

Coed (360.00 entry) will begin Sunday morning at 8:30

1 pitch Draft starts at 6:30 Friday
25.00 pre pay
30.00 at the field

Pre pays
Venmo @playscnsa
Cash app $playscnsa

Make sure to add your name/team name

Cherry Park
8 AM
No hard feelings, Blacklist, BSE, Jeepers, Gassed Up, S Bunts, Twisted, Most Hated, YCSWU, L Flatliners
TDB, SB/Death Row, Chaos, PrimeTime, YG/HGEA, Octane, Chalk Talk, Silent Strokes/BMF
Petty Pitches, Palmetto Pros, Freeman Logging, Pattin P, Sour Patch Women, Vipers

Hargett Park
8 AM
Smoking Aces, PYG, 85 South, Goon Squad,
9 AM
FYF, Goodfellas, Leave it to Beaver, Sour Patch
NSA Coed Super World Qualifier

Bronze- Silver and Upper

Saturday Sept 4th


4 GG

2 pools into Double Elimination

Coed Super Worlds will be held in Oct Nashville Tennessee

Equal Men/Female

Awards with 8 teams in your class
1st Championship Plaque - Championship Shirts and Paid Coed Super World Berth
2nd Finalist Plaque-Finalist Shirts and Paid Non National Coed Tournament
3rd NSA Shirts

Ole South
NSA Western State World Warm Up

Thanks to the 12 teams that's playing NSA this weekend

This is a 6 game Guarantee with 5 pools into 3 Single elimination brackets

350.00 entry fee due before you play- teams will be given a ticket to give ump to start game- no game will start without your ticket

Pool play games will be 45 minute drop dead- Bracket play is no time limit

Teams will be divided by strength of roster, we will try to make the split as even as possible

This tournament will validate your teams State requirements for Worlds

Please be ready to play- we can't get behind!

Morrison Motors
Leave it to Beaver
Buddy's Boys
West side Reloaded
No Names

Carolina Savage
Pulsechain/Stupid Bats
85 South
Broke Down
NSA Coed State

Shelby NC Aug 6th

3 Game Guarantee


Equal Men/Women

State Championship Rings To The Winner

40 points and Below and no 6.0 or Lower

2 HRs then out

Awards With 8 teams
1st State Championship Plaque-13 State Championship Shirts and 13 State Championship Rings
2nd State Finalist Plaques-State Finalist Shirts- and 1/2 Paid Eastern World Berth
3rd NSA Shirts
NSA Sunmer Championship

Shelby NC Aug 6th

Mens Lower National 25 and Lower No 2.5 or higher

Womens Bronze and Silver

375.00 entry fee for
Rec men

350.00 Mens Bronze 37 and Below

325.00 Women


Women teams will be paper Roster

Awards For Rec (with 10 teams)
1st Championship Plaque- 13 National Champion Dri Fits 13 Rec National Championship Rings and MVP
2nd Finalist Plaque -13 Finalist Dri Fits and 13 Finalist Rings
3rd NSA Shirts
4th Dz NSA Balls

Mens Bronze with 8 teams
1st NSA Shirts and 2 Pure Sports Bats
2nd NSA Shirts and 1 Pure Sports Bat
3rd NSA Shirts

Womens (with 4 teams)
1st NSA Shirts and 1 Pure Sport Bats and Paid Non National Tournament
2nd Finalist NSA Shirts-1/2 off Non National

Damaged Goods
Some Dudes
Layin Wood
Good Wood

NSA Western NC State Championship

Aug 13th Shelby NC


All Mens/Womens Class offered

All teams must play in a State Tournament To play NSA Worlds and NSA SUPER WORLDS IN ROCK HILL SC



Awards For MENS Bronze and Silver [With 12 Teams]
1st: State Champion Plaque-13 NSA State Champions Dri Fits,12 SC State Championship Rings,UN-PAID Super World Berth[Must Validate]

2nd: 13 Super State Finalist Dri Fit Shirts 13 NSA Hats

3rd; 13 NSA Shirts

Mens Lower
1st Champion Plaque- 13 State Champion Shirts and 13 State Champion Rings
2nd Finalist Shirts and 12 NSA Hats
3rd NSA Shirts

Awards for Women[W/8 teams]
1st Championship Plaque-13 State Championship Shirts,12 SC State Championship Rings

2nd 13 State Finalist Shirts-Pd Eastern Worlds

85 South
Morrison Motors
Leave it to Beaver
Buddy's Boys
West side Reloaded
No Names
Dem Boys
NSA Eastern Worlds

Rock Hill SC

Aug 19th-21st

Coed World Sunday The 21st

Mens/Womens Bronze-Silver- Gold/Elite

Entry Fee
425.00 Mens-Womens Entry

375.00 Coed

All Rosters Must be online-NO GUEST PLAYERS

Games May Start Friday Night for some classes

This is MANDATORY for teams planning to play Super Worlds in Rock Hill

Coed 50 drop dead and 1 hour finish inning Bracket play

1st World Championship Plaque- World Championship shirts- 13 World Champion Rings- All World Team and MVP- UNPAID Super World Berth
2nd Finalist Plaque- Finalist Shirts-NSA Hats,All World Awards and Unpaid Super World Berth
3rd NSA Shirts all World Awards and UnPaid Super World Berth

Live Draw Monday Aug 15th On Our FB Page

Evil Empire
Carolina Hempire/ Pro Touch
Ball Hogz
DSDM Trucking
Some Dudes
DK/DC/Splash Around Pools
Smokin Bunts
Buckle Up
Starling Chevrolet
DJ Cleve/TNT Family
Dem Boys
Young Kings
Carolina Savage
Goon Squad
Sour Patch
85 South

Top Shelf
Pulsechain/Stupid Bats
Southern Gas
Dink University

Dirt Kings/Kings Law
Sal 8
Epic /Briggs
RH Merchants/Killmans/Lewis Lawn

Lady Baf
Petty Pitches
GDG / Terry's
Locally Hated
1 Bat
Lady Flatliners
J10 Allstars
L Vipers
C Players
KFI 13/Red Athelete/Easton
Sweet Dreams

Stroke & Pokes 11:00
MTAG 11:00
HGEA 11:00
BNH 11:00
Carolina Intensity 10:00
FAFO 11:00
Matthews Metal 10:00
Let's Go Brandon 11:00
T&H 10:00
Cleats & Cleavage 10:00 am
NBT 11:00
Upcoming Tournaments / Super State Gametimes
July 14, 2022, 05:08:17 AM
NSA Super State Gametimes and Info

Thanks to everyone for playing

We will be using Both Oak And Pine Grove

Entry Fee 400.00 and Roster Must be Turned in Before you play- a Ticket will be given to you for the Ump amd No Game will start without it

We plan to make this one day-we will need your help, Teams must be at the field and ready 30 minutes before start times- We May Forfeit the game if not

With Rain forecaster all week- we do reserve the right to change format if needed, this will be a last resort- all Weather info (if any) will be Posted on Facebook as soon as we get it

All Rosters must be online-

We have 7 Women teams and will be combined- Silver will spot 5 runs to bronze, Top 2 silver and Top 2 Bronze teams win Awards- Each Class Champion will receive championship Rings and Awards

Arguing- Fighting or Disrespecting an official will result in suspension... please Come to play!

Make sure of field location! Thanks to everyone

Oak Grove
Good Wood 9:10
WSGS 9:10
Reign 9:10
Smokin Bunts 8 am
PYG 9:10
SB2 pp 10:20
Beerly Legal 8 am
Carolina Landscape 8 am
Beat it Out 8 am
FYF 8 am
SCB 8 am
State Line Reloaded 8 am
ATM 8 am

Pine Grove
Evil Empire 9:15
HSR 8 am
DJ Cleve/TNT Family 8 am
ARS 9:15
HMD 8 am
Shake N Bake Boys 9:15
YG/HGEA 8 am
Some Dudes 8 am
Jeepers Creeper * 9:15
Octane 8 am
Buckle Up 8 am
LS 8 am

Pine Grove
Bears 8 am
Dirty Os 9:15
Pulsechain/Stupid Bats pp 10:30
Top Shelf 8 am
GTM:Straight Balling 10:30
Carolina Prime/Hittershit 9:15

Vipers 9:10 Oak Grove
YCSWU 10:30 Pine Grove
Chaos 10:30 Pine Grove
J10 Allstars 9:10 Oak Grove
DyeN2play 10:30 Pine Grove
Lady Flatliners 10:20 Oak Grove
Petty Pitches 10:30 Pine Grove