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Gametimes ans Info For Carolina Wars

Started by Merchants21/LazyOne, March 11, 2021, 05:25:59 PM

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Thanks To the teams that are playing NSA This week

As Stated we will be using York and Rock Hill to Keep this One Day for all

Bronze will Play all games in York and again 1 day(Would have been 2)

All other classes will play at Cherry Park In Rock Hill and also 1 Day

All National rules apply- except Runner Rule- we will do 1 plus pitcher in all classes

Dogs are NOT allowed at either park

Music can be played but if loud enough for the Ump to hear or Language not suitable for a public park you will be asked to turn it off

Alcohol - smoking is NOT allowed

Fighting and Threatening a Ump will get you and YOUR Team banned (we are all adults let's act like it

Thanks again and see everyone Saturday

York 74 Fourth Street
Cherry Park 4466 Cherry Road

Women will play 1  pool into a seeded Double Elimination tournament ( Gold Women's will spot 3 runs to Silver)

Awards have been adjust slightly in all but Bronze mens

Awards For Silver with 6 teams
1st 13 Carolina Wars Shirts- Paid Super State- Eastern World
2nd 12 Custom Full Sub Team Jerseys and 2 Dudley Doom Bats
3rd 13 Battle At the Border Shirts

Awards For Bronze with 12 teams
1st 13 Battle At The Border/Carolina Wars Shirts Paid Super State-Paid Eastern World And Paid Super World
2nd 12 Custom Full Sub Team Jerseys and 1 Dudley Doom Bat
3rd 13 Battle At The Border Shirts 1 Dudley Doom Bat

Awards For the Lower [With 12 Teams In your Class,Pro-rated if Less]

1st.500 CASH OR 13 Custom full sub team Jerseys- Hats
2nd.350.00 CASH or Custom Full Sub Team Jerseys
3rd .13 NSA Shirts

Women teams
1ST 13 Carolina Wars/Battle at the Border Shirts- Paid Super State
2nd 13 Battle and the Border Shirts and 1 Dudley Doom Bat

**All Custom Full sub Jerseys and Shorts will be Custom Made by Athlon and Designed By the Team Coach...please allow 4 weeks for delivery***

York 9 am
Petsuites/D&S Plumbing
Cloud 9
Cool Cats
The Softball Team
Top Quality
Twisted Hitters
New Era

York 10 am
Jeeper Creepers

Cherry Park 9 am
Most Hated
Wallace Park
Trading Post
Hit It Harder
Sweet Dreams
No Smoke/TSA
QC Diamond Cutters
Family Rage
Busting Guts

10 am
Diamond Kings-40
Carolina Savage
Lady Flatliners
Lady Vipers
Chalk Talk
Top Shelf/Good Vibes Sports

Carolina Gas/Scudz Sports

Register your team @

1991-2006! Big Sky Auto/Moore's
Construction/Shoneys/Elkins Company/RH Merchants....The Dynasty Of All Teams....11 Players 1 Coach With 1 Goal...TO BE THE BEST!