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NSA Coed Easter 1 Day Saturday April 3rd

Started by Merchants21/LazyOne, March 18, 2021, 06:58:29 PM

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NSA Easter Coed

Saturday April 3rd

Rock Hill SC

Will be played along with Men's/Women's

4 GG

3 pools into a single Elimination

300.00 Entry Fee

1 Class Tournament

1st Champion Shirts amd Paid Non National Coed Tournament of Choice in SC
2nd Finalist Shirts amd 1/2 paid Non National

Stupid Cake

Register your team @

1991-2006! Big Sky Auto/Moore's
Construction/Shoneys/Elkins Company/RH Merchants....The Dynasty Of All Teams....11 Players 1 Coach With 1 Goal...TO BE THE BEST!