NSA 8th Annual Pure Sports Firecracker Rock Hill July 2-4

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NSA 8th Annual Pure Sports FIRECRACKER

WE WILL START Saturday Morning 7 am-Pre Pay for Latest gametimes, Pre pays will go in order as I receive them...please keep in mind pre pay may still be Early especially later pre pays, i will add by your team name the order

Also we will only take limited number of teams per class!

ROCK HILL SC Cherry Park ,Hargett Park

July 2-4

Co-Ed Will be Sunday  (275.00) 1 Ump 2 pools Into Single starting around 1 pm 50 MINUTE time limit DROP DEAD in Pool Play and 50 Finish the inning in Elimination

Friday 1 Pitch All You Can Hit DRAFT (25.00 PER PLAYER 1 Ump 2 Pools Into Single} GAMES WILL BEGINE AT 6:30 ON FRIDAY

Draft 1 Pitch Friday


400.00 Upper GOLD/ELITE -State Championship and Double Elimination

400.00 Silver-Bronze,lower

350.00 Women


Draft 25.00 Per Player

Sponsors Include;
Gameday Promotion
Players Sporting Goods
Pure Sports
Hope To Add More!

Awards For GOLD/Elite [With 10 teams]
*1st: Champion Plaque 13 Championship NSA Firecracker  Champion Shirts -Paid Super World Berth and MVP Award

*2nd:12 NSA Player Hats And 13 NSA Firecracker Shirts and MVP Award

*3rd:13 NSA Tournament Shirts

Awards For Silver With 12 Teams:
1st:4 PURE Sports Bats[W/Returns]-12 Championship NSA Firecracker Shirts..12 NSA Hats-and MVP Award
2nd: 2 Bats[W/Return]12 Firecracker Shirts and 12 NSA Hats and MVP Award
3rd:12 Tournament Shirts

Awards For Bronze With 12 Teams:
1st:3 Pure Sports[W/Returns]-13 Championship NSA Firecracker Shirts -12 NSA Hats and MVP Award NSA Award
2nd: 2 Pure Custom (W/Return]-13 Tournament Shirts 12 NSA Player Hats and MVP Award
3rd:13 SC NSA Shirts
4th NSA Shirts

Awards For Lower With 12 Teams]:
1st:2 Pure Custom[W/Returns]-13 Championship Firecracker Shirts and 12 NSA Player Hats
2nd:1 Pure Custom [W/Return] 13 NSA Shirts
3rd:13 Tournament Shirts
4th 13 NSA Shirts

Awards for Women's  2 Classes Bronze and Silver/Gold must have 4 teams for class to make
Awards with 10 teams in your class d

1st Champ Dri Fit Shirts / 3 Pure Customs and MVP Award
2nd NSA Shirts and 2 Pure Customs
3rd Shirts
Co-Ed Three Game Guarantee-2 pools into Single[With 8 Teams..2 CLASSES IF 10 OR MORE TEAMS
1st:Championship plaque-13 Firecracker Champion Shirts and Pd Eastern World
2nd:Finalist Plaque and 13 Finalist Shirts and Pd State

1 Pitch DRAFT Awards:
1st:11 1 Pitch Firecracker Champion Shirts and 11 NSA Player Hats
2nd:13 NSA Shirts

1.Eagle Paint/BKB
2. Lewis Lawn Service
3. Mojo PP1
4. Sal 8
5. Briggs

2. Carolina Gas PP2
3. Top Shelf/Good Vibes
4. GTS
5. Terry's/BB4L
6. Bears
7. Badd News
8. Hobo's/ABL/eShore PP1
9. CMP
10. Stupid Bats
11. BLC
12. Reys kiekis PP3
13. Turn Key Electric
14. Dirtbags/All Hustle PP4
15. AKS
16. DaMob PP5
17. Fatboy Towing PP6
*** Full***

1. Phenoms/Dusty's PP2
2. Unicorn Sports PP1
3. Auto X/AEL PP3
4. ARS PP6
5. Pet Suites
6. The Softball Team
7. Blacklist
8. Cartel/MOB/SCCG
9. Carolina Hempire PP5
10. LS
11. Jeeper Creepers
12. JL Dirtworks
14. Right Touch/HA
15. Carolina Custodial PP 4
16. Buckle Up
17. FOE

1. HGH
2. Most Hated
3. MYB
4. CCC
5. Carolina Savage
6. 1st Time pp1
7. PYG
8. Smokin Bunts
9. Family First*PP2
10. Nature Boys
11. Octane PP1
12. Bad Mojo
13. WSGS
14. Jager Bombs
15. Hot Headz

1. Kountry Ballerz PP1
2. Good Vibes
3. Smokers & Strokers
4. Bunch Of Karen's Paid
5. Carolina Intensity
6. JL Dirtworks
7. Cleats & Cleavage
8. NCT
9. Swingers
10. MPS
11. Carolina Gas
12. Ol Time Sake
13. Kountry Swag
14. All Gas No Brakes
15. FBGM
16. Drillers

Women Bronze
1. Lady Vipers
2. Chalk Talk
3. Family Rage PP2
4. ILM Strong
6. Basic Pitches PP1

Women's Silver/Gold(4 run Spot per class)
1. LLD/Beer City Crossfit Silver PP2
2. Sweet Dreams  Gold
3. Team RVA  Gold
4. YCSWU  Silver PP1
5.Lazy Llama/Red Athlete  Elite
6. Silent Assassin  Silver
7. HTHF  Elite
8. Haymak/JCH  Gold
9. Lady Flatliners  Silver
10. Carolina Players  Gold PP1
11. 1 Bat  Silver
12 Stack Softball Silver

Wait list
Trading Post
A+ Builders
West side Players

Register your team @ www.playnsa.com

1991-2006! Big Sky Auto/Moore's
Construction/Shoneys/Elkins Company/RH Merchants....The Dynasty Of All Teams....11 Players 1 Coach With 1 Goal...TO BE THE BEST!



Register your team @ www.playnsa.com

1991-2006! Big Sky Auto/Moore's
Construction/Shoneys/Elkins Company/RH Merchants....The Dynasty Of All Teams....11 Players 1 Coach With 1 Goal...TO BE THE BEST!