Pink/Purple Out Gametimes, Shelby NC 850 W Sumter St

Started by Dirtneck, October 14, 2021, 10:28:14 PM

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Nsa Pink/Purple Gametimes
Shelby City Park
850 W Sumter St, Shelby NC

All Shelby Parks and Recreation rules apply. No Alcohol or Drugs permitted in the Park.
No Grills or Fryers permitted.

$325 entry
2 pools (5 innings-45 minutes)
1/ieo in Pool Play
29 point max/no player 4.25 or higher

After Pool play there alot of back to backs, with very little breaks at any point. Be prepared.

Double Elimination brackets
1st Hoodies and 1/2 pd Turkey Trot
2nd L Sleeves and $100 off Pink/Purple @ N Spg
1st Hoodies
2nd L-Sleeves

Bracket or brackets determined by Teams and rosters.

9 am
JTSF, TPC, LS, Savage
Smokin Bunts, Leave it to Beaver, EEFS, Woodruff Reloaded, Twisted Hittaz, RHAU/HGH