NSA Winter State World Warm Up Jan 22nd Lexington SC CANCELED

Started by Merchants21/LazyOne, December 16, 2021, 05:03:29 PM

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NSA Winter State

Gametimes and info

Jan 22/23 Lexington SC

350.00 entry Fee

New NSA Points Guidelines will be followed

Lower 27 and Below 3 point Max 1 Then EOI
Bronze 37 and Below 4.5 Max 1 and 1 up IEO

Men Awards
1st 2 Sets Full Subs
2nd 1 Set Full Subs
3rd NSA Shirts

1st 13 Winter State Championship Shirts amd Paid Non National Tournament
2nd 13 Winter State Finalist Shirts and 1/2 Paid NON National
3rd NSA Shirts

1 pool game(55 drop dead) into Double Elimination

**^^^**^Canceled +******
Octane 10 am B
Evil Empire 10 am B
Carolina Savage 11 am L
Sonic B 10 am
SCB 10 am L
PPP 10 am L
Jeeper Creepers 11 am B
Smokin Bunts 11 am L
Buckle Up 11 am B
Chester Cubs 11 am B
No Glove No Love 10 am L
Brothers In Arms 10 am L
Dirty SNB 11 am B
Shake n Bake 10 am L

Register your team @ www.playnsa.com

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