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NSA White Rose York SC May 14th

Started by Merchants21/LazyOne, May 02, 2022, 03:58:59 PM

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NSA Spring Shootout

May 14th @ York Recreation Complex
74th 4th Street, York SC

Mens and WOMENS

Silver and lower

360.00 entry fee

4 Game Guarantee

Limited on numbers we can take

All teams start together in pool play- break down to 3 classes(with 12 teams)

Pool play 45 minutes- double elimination no time limit

Top bracket
1st Champion Dri Fits and Paid Memorial Day Tournament
2nd Finalist Shirts-1/2 paid non national

Lower Bracket
1st Champion Shirts 1/2 Paid Non National
2nd Finalist Shirts

74 Fourth Street York SC

No PETS are allowed- VERY STRICT ON THIS RULE!!! You will not be allowed in

No Smoking Except in Designated Areas

No  Alcohol allowed in parking area or Complec- police onsite and will take you to jail!

Roster and Entry due before you play

All Rain info will be posted on FB- I will post as soon as I hear anything if needed

Reign 9 am
C Savage 9 am
PYG 9:50
CBS 9 am
No Names 9 am
NGNL 9 am
RBI/Craigoligy 9:50
HMD/Vap Pro/Sandy Flat 9:50
ST2 9:50
Evil Empire 9 am

Register your team @

1991-2006! Big Sky Auto/Moore's
Construction/Shoneys/Elkins Company/RH Merchants....The Dynasty Of All Teams....11 Players 1 Coach With 1 Goal...TO BE THE BEST!