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Super State Gametimes

Started by Merchants21/LazyOne, July 14, 2022, 05:08:17 AM

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NSA Super State Gametimes and Info

Thanks to everyone for playing

We will be using Both Oak And Pine Grove

Entry Fee 400.00 and Roster Must be Turned in Before you play- a Ticket will be given to you for the Ump amd No Game will start without it

We plan to make this one day-we will need your help, Teams must be at the field and ready 30 minutes before start times- We May Forfeit the game if not

With Rain forecaster all week- we do reserve the right to change format if needed, this will be a last resort- all Weather info (if any) will be Posted on Facebook as soon as we get it

All Rosters must be online-

We have 7 Women teams and will be combined- Silver will spot 5 runs to bronze, Top 2 silver and Top 2 Bronze teams win Awards- Each Class Champion will receive championship Rings and Awards

Arguing- Fighting or Disrespecting an official will result in suspension... please Come to play!

Make sure of field location! Thanks to everyone

Oak Grove
Good Wood 9:10
WSGS 9:10
Reign 9:10
Smokin Bunts 8 am
PYG 9:10
SB2 pp 10:20
Beerly Legal 8 am
Carolina Landscape 8 am
Beat it Out 8 am
FYF 8 am
SCB 8 am
State Line Reloaded 8 am
ATM 8 am

Pine Grove
Evil Empire 9:15
HSR 8 am
DJ Cleve/TNT Family 8 am
ARS 9:15
HMD 8 am
Shake N Bake Boys 9:15
YG/HGEA 8 am
Some Dudes 8 am
Jeepers Creeper * 9:15
Octane 8 am
Buckle Up 8 am
LS 8 am

Pine Grove
Bears 8 am
Dirty Os 9:15
Pulsechain/Stupid Bats pp 10:30
Top Shelf 8 am
GTM:Straight Balling 10:30
Carolina Prime/Hittershit 9:15

Vipers 9:10 Oak Grove
YCSWU 10:30 Pine Grove
Chaos 10:30 Pine Grove
J10 Allstars 9:10 Oak Grove
DyeN2play 10:30 Pine Grove
Lady Flatliners 10:20 Oak Grove
Petty Pitches 10:30 Pine Grove

Register your team @

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