NSA Summer Championship and Lower National Shelby NC Aug 6th

Started by Merchants21/LazyOne, July 25, 2022, 01:42:12 AM

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NSA Sunmer Championship

Shelby NC Aug 6th

Mens Lower National 25 and Lower No 2.5 or higher

Womens Bronze and Silver

375.00 entry fee for
Rec men

350.00 Mens Bronze 37 and Below

325.00 Women


Women teams will be paper Roster

Awards For Rec (with 10 teams)
1st Championship Plaque- 13 National Champion Dri Fits 13 Rec National Championship Rings and MVP
2nd Finalist Plaque -13 Finalist Dri Fits and 13 Finalist Rings
3rd NSA Shirts
4th Dz NSA Balls

Mens Bronze with 8 teams
1st NSA Shirts and 2 Pure Sports Bats
2nd NSA Shirts and 1 Pure Sports Bat
3rd NSA Shirts

Womens (with 4 teams)
1st NSA Shirts and 1 Pure Sport Bats and Paid Non National Tournament
2nd Finalist NSA Shirts-1/2 off Non National

Damaged Goods
Some Dudes
Layin Wood
Good Wood


Register your team @ www.playnsa.com

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