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NSA “York” Labor Bash, Sept 3 (Men & Coed)

Started by Dirtneck, August 22, 2022, 12:38:18 AM

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September 3rd York Recreation Complex
York SC
74 4th Street, York SC

Silver and lower

2 Pools Into Double Elimination Separate Brackets

Paper roster fun tournament

Get some swings in before Worlds and win some Cash

Awards with 24 total teams(and atleast 6 in your Class-Pro rated if less)
1st 1000 cash
2nd 500.00 cash

Middle Bracket
1st 750.00 cash
2nd 400.00 Cash

Lower Bracket
1st 600.00 Cash
2nd 350.00 cash

Entry $360.00 entry


Enter here or call Jeff or Kevin