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NSA Pink Out Gametimes and Info

Started by Merchants21/LazyOne, October 19, 2022, 12:26:26 AM

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NSA Pink Out Fall Worlds Gametime and info

Thanks to all the teams that's playing NSA

 Fall World is One day (unless we get behind) please make sure your ready to play 30 minutes ahead of time- YOU WILL FORFEIT if not ready to play 30 minutes ahead

400.00 entry fee and signed roster due before you play- teams will get a Ticket for the ump

All national rules apply

Teams must fit the rules for the class you entered- rosters are coaches responsibility- NOT OURS

NO GAME CAN START(including the if game after 10:30)

Arguing-Fighting will get you removed from the game(and/or tournament if we decide it's best

No Dogs allowed inside the complex

Coed (360.00 entry) will begin Sunday morning at 8:30

1 pitch Draft starts at 6:30 Friday
25.00 pre pay
30.00 at the field

Pre pays
Venmo @playscnsa
Cash app $playscnsa

Make sure to add your name/team name

Cherry Park
8 AM
No hard feelings, Blacklist, BSE, Jeepers, Gassed Up, S Bunts, Twisted, Most Hated, YCSWU, L Flatliners
TDB, SB/Death Row, Chaos, PrimeTime, YG/HGEA, Octane, Chalk Talk, Silent Strokes/BMF
Petty Pitches, Palmetto Pros, Freeman Logging, Pattin P, Sour Patch Women, Vipers

Hargett Park
8 AM
Smoking Aces, PYG, 85 South, Goon Squad,
9 AM
FYF, Goodfellas, Leave it to Beaver, Sour Patch

Register your team @

1991-2006! Big Sky Auto/Moore's
Construction/Shoneys/Elkins Company/RH Merchants....The Dynasty Of All Teams....11 Players 1 Coach With 1 Goal...TO BE THE BEST!