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1 PItch Draft Fri Nov 18th Laurens

Started by flop, October 27, 2022, 08:25:24 PM

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New lights at the park means the 1 pitch drafts return!

Friday Nov 18th Laurens
1st 72 Players
$25 per player
10 hrs a game rest are outs
45 min time limit, we will finish the inning!
Screens will be used
Each Coach gets 6 balls before tournament
NSA Rules
1 ump per field
1st $10 Lottery Tickets and Shirts
2nd $5 Lottery Tickets and Shirts

To enter message Flop at 864-940-0221

Player List!

1. Tyler Webb
2. Teri Morse OF C

Josh Haynes 1b
TJ Lingefelt 1b C
Donald Garrett C
Cody Dunaway C
Hunter Webb Middle
Chris Weston 1b 2b C
JD Holbrooks INF of
Mike Andrews C
Brett Cash Any
Zack Pender Any
Robert Johnson Any
Laniel Warren SS 5man
Brad Abercrombie INF OF
Seth Mosely Any
Cody Burton Any
Mason Nichols 1b C
Preston Bailey Any
Rush Owen INF
Trae Coleman OF
Chris Gregory C
Justing Huseby 1b 3b P
Hunter Kimbrell SS 3b
Ben Major OF
David Cooper 3b
Tyler James C
Dominique Whiteside 1b C 3b
Andrew Holland Any
Quinton Driggers Any
Rob Hughes C
Jody Price 1b C
Kevis Solis INF P
Zach Stanley INF
Blake Fallaw 1b C
Jonathan West OF
Tyler Bond Any
Dalton Surls INF OF
Rob Ramos 1b 2b
Zach Hood P C 1b
Chase Bryant C
Tyler Brothers INF OF
Jake Pierce OF
Jason Cothran P EH
Zac Johnson 1b 2b c
Dakota Webb INF
Hector Valentin 1b 2b C
Chevis Sexton Any
Doug Walker Any
Corey Locker 1b 2b OF
Thomas Carr 1b C
Ant Flee 1b OF
Cory Foster OF INF
Demond Cunningham OF C
Joey Phillips P
Tom Murray OF 1b C
Nic Stanley Any
Chase Taylor
Zack Smith
Dray Cunningham Any
Chris Cranford OF C
Shane Graham Any
Preston Ledford Any
Justin Smith INF
Darrell Lawson C EH
Blake Everette INF
Christian Nelson INF
Matt Medlin Any
Robert Weathers C EH
Aubrey Dixon 2b OF
Bryan Varner C
Travis Williamson 1B
Daniel Bannister C OF
Michael Lowe OF
TJ Fallaw INF OF
Hunter Bragg SS 5man 3b
Brandon Peterson INF P
George Barnett P 3B

Travis Raines
Joe Weathers
Brandon Pearson P
Rob Vasquez 2B SS 3B
Chad Webb C
Caulin Cagle OF
Dylan Harrison 2b C
Charles Siglin 1B C EH