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Friday Night 1 Pitch July 21st

Started by flop, July 07, 2023, 12:08:33 AM

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Friday July 21st Laurens
1st 72 Players
$25 per player
10 hrs a game rest are outs
45 min time limit, we will finish the inning!
Screens will be used
Each Coach gets 6 balls before tournament
NSA Rules
1 ump per field
Prizes with 60 players
1st $10 Lottery Tickets and Shirts
2nd $5 Lottery Tickets and Shirts

To Enter message me at 864-940-0221. Please comment name and position! Please Share. Thanks

Player list

Tyler Webb
Teri Morse
Sarah Wrennall
Jena Westmoreland
Hannah Leigh
Melinda Kay
Chase Taylor
Zack Pender
Daniel Davis
Trae Coleman OF
Darrell Lawson C EH
Jeremy Case 1b C
Kobe Williams INF
Chase Sheppard OF
Razzle Dizzle 1b P
Willie Workman 2b EH
Cody Burnette Any
Jason Cooley Any
Demond Cunningham OF
Drew Owens P
Ty Foster OF
Zack Pettit Any
Jeff Timmerman P 1b EH
Michael Garner P C EH
Keith Moore C 1b
Mason Nichols INF
Jonathon Thompson 1b 3b EH
Hunter Webb Middle
Derique Suber OF
Cameron Richardson OF C
Michael Shields C
Brandon Peterson INF
Cory Foster 1b 5m OF
Kyle Case 2b C
LongMoney Fig
Jake Pierce OF
Nic Stanley Any
Jay Cook INF
Zach Hood 1b P
Shawn Vickery OF
Tyrese Thompson 1b 3b C
Todd Woods 1b P C
Clay Woods 1b 3b
Skylar Smith OF
Evan Bridges SS 5man 3b
Chad Taylor P C 1b
Dee Jeter 2b OF
Chris Weston 1b 2b EH
Michael Clark P INF
Tyler Bond OF
Adam Antes C
Ant Flee 1C P EH
Donald Garrett EH C
Jeremy Pierce 1b 2b OF
Zach Stanley INF
JD Holbrooks Any
Cody Burton Any
Tyson Jones OF C 2B
Anders Deshields OF
Jeremy Rose C EH OF
Thomas Carr 1b C
Brandon Pearson P INF
Quenton Cunningham 1b EH
Zack Smith P INF
Regan Green OF
Geoff Wideman C EH
Kevin Solis INF
Dakota Webb INF
Mike Andrews C 1B
Chess Smith