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Ugly Sweater Draft Sat Dec 16th Laurens SC

Started by flop, December 04, 2023, 12:01:36 AM

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Ugly Sweater Draft
SATURDAY Dec 16th Laurens

$25 per player
At the flip coaches pick between 1 pitch unlimited or Regular count 10hr
55 min time limit, we will finish the inning!
Screens will be used
Each Coach gets 6 balls before tournament
NSA Rules
1 ump per field
Prizes with 60 players
1st $10 Lottery Tickets and Shirts
2nd $5 Lottery Tickets and Shirts
Best Christmas Sweater $50 cash!

Sweaters preferred but not mandatory! To Enter comment name and position or message me on Facebook or 940-0221

Player List
Tyler James
Brandon Palange OF 2b
Luke Caraway 2b 5man
Cody McAbee 2b C
Keith Moore
Daniel Davis
Chase Taylor
Zach Hood INF
Thomas Sorrells P
Dakota Webb INF
Tyrese Thompson 3b 1b C
Andrew Holland INF
Jace Banks C 1b P
Gene Saxton INF
Quenton Cunningham 1b EH
Damian Hernandez 1b
Ty Foster OF
Darrell Lawson C EH
Blake Shuler OF
Dakota Balser OF 1b
Jonathon Thompson INF
Nic Stanley Any
Geoff Wideman C EH LF
Charles Siglin 1b P EH
Kevin Hayes P C
Dakota Hayes OF Middle
Joey Bowie P 2b
Daniel Bannister OF C
Dee Geter 1b 2b
Aubrey Dixon 2b OF
J_Mack Chaplin 1b C
Preston Wood 2b Middle
Terry Williams Any
Demond Cunningham C
Michael Lowe OF
Dayquan Telley OF 5man 2b
Willie Workman EH 2b RF
Derique Suber OF
Skylar Smith OF
Shawn Watts 1b 3b P
Rickie Young Any
Pat Kimm OF INF
Jared Addis 1b 2b OF
Stacey Byers 3b 1b
Ethan Connor OF
Corbin Bryson Middle OF
Jon Torres 1b EH OF
Kevis Adams INF
Chandler Wooten RF
Frank Wooten P
Andrew Wilson SS
Ray Wilson SS
Razzle Dizzle 1b P
Cole Vickery OF C
Ryan Elliott 3b 2b C OF
Steve Mumpower 2b OF
Anders Deshields OF
Kobe Williams INF
Austin Kevin Any
Jonathan Stevens C EH 2b 3B
Zack Wood 5man 1b EH
Corey Locker OF EH
Mason Nichols INF
Tyler Davis INF
Manny Santos INF
Ryan Smith 1b 2b
Drew Prince INF
Andrew Smith Any
Matthew Witteborg INF
Doug Walker P C 1b