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Fri Night Draft June 14th

Started by flop, June 06, 2024, 04:31:59 AM

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Friday Night 1 Pitch Draft
June 14th Laurens
1st 72 Players
$25 per player
10 hrs a game rest are outs
45 min time limit, we will finish the inning!
Screens will be used
Each Coach gets 6 balls before tournament
NSA Rules
1 ump per field
Prizes with 60 players
1st $10 Lottery Tickets and Shirts
2nd $5 Lottery Tickets and Shirts

To enter comment name and position,PM, or text me at 864-940-0221

Teri Morse
Charsly Traylor
Heather Wrenn
Deanna Sullivan
Semetra Duck

Chase Taylor  Any
Gene Saxton INF
Cody McAbee
Tyrese Thompson C 3b 1b
Razzle Dizzle P EH
Tyler Parris OF 5man
Kevin Hayes C P
Joe Covington 3b
Jeff  Timmerman P 1b EH
Willie Workman EH C
Darrell Lawson C EH
Zack Pender
Joey Bowie P C EH
Braden Patterson OF SS
Cody Burnette Any
Andrew Byrley OF C
Thomas Sorrells P
Austin Moore P INF
JD Holbrooks Any
Zach Wood 1b 2b 5man
Geoff Wideman C EH
Justus Jarrard EH 2b
Mason Nichols INF
Michael Byrley 1b C
Chad White OF
Keith Moore  C EH
TJ Gray OF
Chuck Brooks C EH
Josh Haynes
Austin Talley SS
Monterius Geter INF
Hunter Webb INF
Terry Williams 1b C
Andrew Smith Any
Kobe Williams INF
Laniel Warren INF
Zac Johnson 1b 2b C
Dakota Webb INF
Hunter Davis OF
Jake Harling C EH RF
Ronald Garrett C EH
Brandon Palange OF 2b
George Fowler OF
Tyson Jones 2b C RF
Tyler Davis 1b 3b
Preston Bailey
Manny Santos 3b
Jason Cothran C


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